Three Consciousness of Guaranteeing the Long-term Development of Food Machinery Enterprises

At present, people's living standard is getting higher and higher, and the demand is becoming more and more vigorous. Food machinery manufacturers should go deep into the general public, change "what the market needs, what I develop and produce" into "what I develop and produce, what is popular in the market". Let their food machinery develop throughout the market, "develop a generation, eliminate a generation, and constantly develop it." Continuous elimination. With the further market segmentation, the future development of food machinery will tend to be fast, efficient, convenient and low-consumption, especially the demand for small food machinery will be increasing, which requires the majority of enterprises to go out and develop the wind of research.

Second, the awareness of brand advance

Brand is the soul of an enterprise. At present, there are many kinds of mechanical products, but few good brands. Why? Some enterprises do not attach importance to brand, only research and development, but the result is that good products have no good brand and affect the improvement of market share. An enterprise must have reliable product quality, high quality after-sales service and image-building marketing propaganda in order to run its own brand well. In fact, we are losing a lot of market opportunities right now. A small food machine introduced by a friend is very convenient to use and of good quality. It's good to introduce other friends to use it. But at the same time, you said that you have never heard of this product before, and you can't see it in the vast majority of the province. It can be seen that this kind of small food machinery market is very broad, but due to the low popularity, resulting in the production capacity is not up. If the company invests more in brand management, the result may be different. Brand awareness is a kind of management concept. Advanced brand awareness keeps enterprises in the forefront of the market in the competition, while lagging consciousness makes all the previous efforts abandoned and loses. So there are such things as Guangzhou Spark, Jiangsu Qunjie and Beijing Parkron.

Third, the advanced consciousness of users

Whatever the product, its end consumer is the vast number of users, users determine the market. In foreign countries, some milk producers have established consumer records, that is, according to the health status and physical needs of each user, to produce products with different components. Despite the trouble, the sense of "all for users" wins users for enterprises. China has a vast territory, a large population, different living standards, different customs and habits, and different user needs. Therefore, as a food machinery manufacturer, it is necessary to establish the user's advanced consciousness, that is, according to the living standard, population, dietary habits, raw material resources and so on, to develop and produce products satisfying to users.

With China's accession to the WTO, the direct business activities of enterprises will be extended to the international market, and the advanced consciousness of users in the international market will be stronger, so enterprises can not afford to ignore it. It is reported that at present, foreign businessmen attach great importance to the user's advanced consciousness when exploring the Chinese market, which is also an important "magic weapon" for them to quickly occupy the Chinese market and gain the trust of Chinese users. Therefore, domestic enterprises must focus on users and do a good job in the development and research of our food machinery to meet the growing needs of the vast number of users.

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